Atomix 3.0.6 introduced new features to support running Atomix on Kubernetes. The Atomix k8s project was introduced as well to provide official Helm charts for running Atomix on Kubernetes.

To run Atomix on Kubernetes, download and install Minikube and Helm. Once installed, add the Atomix repo to Helm:

helm repo add atomix https://atomix.io/charts

You can view the charts available via the Atomix repo by running helm search:

helm search atomix/

To install Atomix on your Kubernetes cluster, simply run helm install atomix/atomix:

helm install atomix/atomix

The Helm chart will create a StatefulSet, with each pod running a single Atomix node. Using StatefulSets ensures Atomix nodes have a persistent identity for consensus.

When running the Helm chart on Minikube, you must disable pod anti-affinity by including --set podAntiAffinity.enabled=false

By default, the Helm chart configured three Atomix pods running a Raft partition group. To override the number of replicas, set the replicas value:

helm install --set replicas=5 atomix/atomix

By default, the Atomix nodes will not be accessible from outside the cluster. However, you can enable ingress by setting the ingress.enabled value:

helm install --set ingress.enabled=true atomix/atomix

When ingress is enabled, a rule matching the path for each pod will be set up to redirect HTTP requests to the respective node. So, you can reach the Atomix HTTP API by making a request to the path with the same name as the pod, e.g.:

helm install --name test --set ingress.enabled=true --set podAntiAffinity.enabled=false atomix/atomix
curl https://$(minikube ip)/test-atomix-0/v1/cluster/nodes --insecure

By default, the cluster is configured with a Raft management group and a Raft partition group with n partitions where n is the number of replicas. To override the Atomix configuration, specify a configuration via the config value:


config: |
  managementGroup {
    type: raft
    partitionSize: 3
    partitions: 1
    members: ${atomix.members}

  partitionGroups.data {
    type: primary-backup
    partitions: 31

  primitives.myMap {
    cache.enabled: true
    protocol {
      type: multi-primary
      backups: 2
helm install --name test -f my-values.yaml atomix/atomix